Is my son queer?

I am a married woman with three children- two boys and a girl. My first child is a boy of ten years old who will be entering secondary school soon. I am worried about him. Worried about how he would cope in secondary school being an effeminate.

Right from when he was a year old, he has always had a love for girly things- Barbie dolls, chewing gums and the colour pink. We had thought it was a phase that would go away with time, but with each passing year we fear it would remain so forever and maybe one day one psychopath would lynch him for walking like a girl or having girly voice.

This condition worries my husband the most. That he carves out time to play PS with my son, always telling him that ‘Barbie cartoons and telemundo are for females. The other day he took him to a salon to have a macho haircut. But when my son returned he looked prettier, the cut accentuating his girly features. It didn’t conceal his girly voice and girly walk or the way he laughed like a female.

Sometimes I think we worry too much. I have read a lot about effeminacy and discovered not all of them are homosexuals. But then my son just finished his primary six common entrance and very unlike his junior brother he hasn’t brought a friend home. I feel he doesn’t belong there. I feel he is lonely. Most times I ask him who is his best friend and he mentions his junior brother. I’m worried that he is having a difficult time being who he is.

Yesterday he broke down, locking himself inside his room the whole day. This had been because my husband had called him aside after breakfast with words on how he has to stop walking like a girl, talking like a girl and acting like a girl, that the world is not a place for ‘sissies’. My mother – in law had also talked about taking him to her church.

he is possessed by a marine spirit, can’t you see how handsome he is’

I feel like I’m coming apart hearing my husband talk about enrolling him in ‘Navy school, so the girlishness will be beaten out of him’ What can I say? We’re all afraid of what may become of him if perchance he ends up being a homosexual. Is this an orientation that could be stopped? Shouldn’t my son be allowed to be who he is? The country is a toxic place for people like my son. But then what if he is not gay? And what if he is? Does that make him an evil person? My son has a beautiful heart and personality, I’m scared for him.

Please what are your thoughts about this?

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