God of consuming fire

After the Otedola’s inferno, I woke up to series of whatsapp broadcast messages and voice notes from a supposed pastor, predicting the dates of doom.

First I was struck with shock, then fear and later anger. I found myself asking supposing this is true what then do we do? Sit and pray or wait in our respective homes till the dates elapse? Or do we see reason to scrutinize our country’s structures and the loopholes here and there.

It is painful that these tragedies are avoidable but then our programmed thinking and the Nigerian culture of crass indiscipline, corruption, and dishonesty wouldn’t let us be. Rather we would heap the blame on an unsuspecting god who we think is on a vendetta mission, then run to appease him.

Churches in Nigeria  went on fasting and prayer, casting and binding, ‘pray for Nigeria’ prayer points and hashtags, while the common street man watched his back frequently,  jumping and performing the sign of the cross at the slightest sound of danger.

But then is prayer enough?

Should we sit back and depend on prayers and lengthy articles while our country remain cloaked in stagnancy, bloodshed and disaster.

Should we?

We prayed after the Jos massacre, the Ojuelegba bridge accident and all that has happened so far in june, but it didn’t stop more from happening. Isn’t it time we take a match for change and demand for accountability from our government?

Heaven they say, help those who help themselves. It is time we make a move instead of waiting for God to come down on earth. Verily I say unto you, these wars we wage behind keyboards and hashtags will lead us nowhere.

Lets come together and make Nigeria a dream country. Change your attitude, belief and philosophy. This country is going nowhere if we don’t uproot these evil we hold dear.

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