Dealing with peer pressure


Last vacation, I went home to the news that my junior brother- a boy of fourteen years had been initiated into the realms of cultism. First, I went through shock, a coldness creeping into my core, shaking the fibre of my being, while a quiet voice kept muttering ‘it can’t be true’.

I couldn’t believe that a boy I trusted so well, who had showed such high promise could wallow in such stupidity to the extent of having the effrontery of subscribing to such horrendous idea. Common, this was a boy who had showed a special liking to books, and could read better than my other siblings.

I was told it was Black Axe confraternity. A lesser version of secondary school touts who drank a combo of coca cola and methylated spirits, flunked school, stole chickens and terrorized ‘Joo members’. It was to this group that my brother had carried his left legs to, basking in a temporary fame of ‘I belong’ mentality and the so called camaraderie that don’t hold water.

I can still relive that feeling when I discovered that my brother had indeed ‘bought market’ and was being bullied when he voiced the idea of stepping back. What started as a child’s play turned into something momentous, with my father threatening to call the cops.  

When asked why he had subscribed to such idea, my brother had stuttered and stammered. In the end, we discovered it was peer pressure and wanting to belong to the ‘I got no fear clique’. This clique of secondary school boys growing into hardened thugs, cooking and eating stolen fowls, terrorizing Joo members to ‘show them love’, flunking school and wearing washed out red Top over black trousers.

The matter was settled amicably. However, it reminded me of my experience as a teenager. The pressure of dating, and how I had succumbed to cyber dating. Today, I’m grateful for my guardians. They saved me from falling prey to paedophiles who masqueraded themselves in the cloak of online friends. I wonder what would have become of me if their intervention hadn’t been timely.

I would have been a single mother of one or two, with dreamy eyes and a hell lot of ‘had I known’. I would be that young girl who thinks it is okay to depend on people for happiness. I would have my goals washed aside while I sit by the riverbank, tossing coins into the sea and wishing for a second chance.


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Madu Chisom

Peer group pressure is always one of the reasons students join cultism. It is somewhat unfortunate.

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