Deals gone bad; Lady cuts off man’s penis

    A young lady who claims to be a student of IMSU purposely cut off man’s manhood yesterday in Owerri. According to an eyewitness  ‘Amb Ahanotu Chimereze- a journalist with NTA, he had found the girl panting in front of the ATM at fidelity bank Douglas road. When he enquired what the matter was, he was told by an eyewitness that the girl had chopped off a man’s penis and was reluctant to pay the sum for the treatment. Amb Ahanotu decided to hear from the horse’s mouth. She confirmed it, saying  it was the work of the devil. What started as six thousand naira a night rendezvous after the guy…


    Is my son queer?

    I am a married woman with three children- two boys and a girl. My first child is a boy of ten years old who will be entering secondary school soon. I am worried about him. Worried about how he would cope in secondary school being an effeminate. Right from when he was a year old, he has always had a love for girly things- Barbie dolls, chewing gums and the colour pink. We had thought it was a phase that would go away with time, but with each passing year we fear it would remain so forever and maybe one day one psychopath would lynch him for walking like a…


    Waist Training! Are there lurking dangers?

    Whether getting the much craved hourglass figure, losing post-pregnancy bump or losing abdominal fat, waist trainer dangers cannot be overemphasized. Yea, many people want to get a banging shape. We want to look attractive and make jaws drop. No wonder the hour glass shape is trending. And those people many of us look up to fashion- wise, keep flaunting it across social media platforms. The danger that lurks within, is that many people buy into it and are misled with their eyes blind to the dangers of waist trainers. It is good to lose weight and be in shape, but we advice you do it in a healthy way. You…

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