God of consuming fire

    After the Otedola’s inferno, I woke up to series of whatsapp broadcast messages and voice notes from a supposed pastor, predicting the dates of doom. First I was struck with shock, then fear and later anger. I found myself asking supposing this is true what then do we do? Sit and pray or wait in our respective homes till the dates elapse? Or do we see reason to scrutinize our country’s structures and the loopholes here and there. It is painful that these tragedies are avoidable but then our programmed thinking and the Nigerian culture of crass indiscipline, corruption, and dishonesty wouldn’t let us be. Rather we would heap the…


    Becoming A Lady

    Of all the things I have to battle with as a young lady, skin reaction is the worst. It comes in all shades; red ringlets, rashes, eczema, pimples and what have you. Change of cream- skin reaction, change of soap- skin reaction, two days perspiration- skin reaction. Even using a different powder gives me skin reaction. I had thought I was a lucky girl. While my peers had their fair share of whitlow, “craw craw”, chickenpox and measles, I had escaped those. Free as a bird, assuming I was immune. But then adulthood taught me different. That I was but a butterfly that thinks itself a bird. No one told…

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