Becoming A Lady

    Of all the things I have to battle with as a young lady, skin reaction is the worst. It comes in all shades; red ringlets, rashes, eczema, pimples and what have you. Change of cream- skin reaction, change of soap- skin reaction, two days perspiration- skin reaction. Even using a different powder gives me skin reaction. I had thought I was a lucky girl. While my peers had their fair share of whitlow, “craw craw”, chickenpox and measles, I had escaped those. Free as a bird, assuming I was immune. But then adulthood taught me different. That I was but a butterfly that thinks itself a bird. No one told…


    Mad House

    A man is never ugly, mama had said. And that was how I  ended up with Kibuku -the man that calls himself my husband. In the early days, I couldn’t stomach the ugly look. I couldn’t stop wondering how God had made such an ugly being. I couldn’t sleep beside him at night without cursing him a million times for his snores that shook our small flat. But with time, just as mama had said, I had reconciled with the fact that it wasn’t all about good looks and body. It was about the heart. Matters of the heart. About having someone who adores the very ground you step on.…


    I Am In Love With A Married Man

    I am in love with a married man. He calls me baby. He says his day begins with thoughts of me, and that each dawn heightens his feelings for me. I am in love with a married man. We had dated for two months before I discovered he is married. That this man I call lover is a father to two teenagers and a husband to a petite woman. But it didn’t change anything. It didn’t. Rather it made me love him more. The excitement and secrecy was like pumping adrenaline. It drew us together like magnet. And before we knew it our passion soared above skyscrapers and became too…

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